Wisdom Cards

Eco-printing for Self-Reflection: Create Your Own Wisdom Cards

Wisdom cards can remind us of positive past experiences and powerful personal truths, or curiosities we are still exploring which are sometimes forgotten in the busyness of living.

This workshop is an opportunity to explore your current experience, articulate your inner knowing, tune in to your body, play with these musings to loving collaboration, and record some resonant phrases on beautifully evocative paper.

This is an opportunity to slow down to a pace of living that invites an attending to the smaller details of our human and more than human realities. In eco-printing we attend to sensory experiences gifted by the natural world and in doing so we begin to glimpse our interior and exterior ecosystems and their inhabitants.

These workshops can be attended as one-day experiences or attended as a series of four to develop a record of the richness of a year’s reflection and inquiry. Spanning four seasons, the series offers the opportunity for an immersion into unfolding of the themes, curiosities and wisdom that are present in our lives. This is a beautiful way to enact a self-care practice and develop a useful body of reflective art.

In each one-day workshop, we will engage with reflective arts processes as we experiment with eco-printing on cotton-rag paper and craft our own wisdom decks.

We will eco-print onto multiple strips of paper, experimenting with leaves, metal, heat and various dye pots.  Along the way we will spend some time in small groups, condensing our questions, curiosity and personal and collective wisdom onto cards to take home.  We’ll unbundle our paper together, engage in movement and somatic exercises as a way of listening to what our body has to say (all optional of course), and have a ‘lucky dip’ at the end.


“I just wanting to extend my thanks to you for the wonderful workshop you both ran! I have not been able to be too far from my beautiful wisdom cards, that are still progressing, sitting with me now at my desk. I think you have introduced me to my new love: watercolour paper eco printing!… the textures of the ripped edged cards are sublime – all I want to do is experiment with textures, leaves, ink and paint… thankyou, thankyou xx”


Saturday 4th February, 2017
Saturday 20th May, 2017
Saturday 9th September, 2017
Saturday 11th November, 2017

Single workshop:
$150 per day, or bring a friend and both pay $120!

Bundle of self-care – all four workshops (non-refundable):
$520, or undertake this journey with a friend and both pay $400!

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